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LastingPaper for Mac after download Tips

By default, recent versions of macOS block the running of applications from unidentified developers. To side-step this issue, enable ‘App Store and identified developers' in the ‘Security & Privacy' pane of System Preferences. If you are still warned against running LastingPaper, click ‘Open Anyway' in the same pane.

And when you open LastingPaper the first time, you need give it execute permission again.

LastingPaper for Windows after download Tips

Microsoft's operating systems Windows 8 and Windows 10 include a security feature called Windows SmartScreen that is enabled by default. It is a security software that intervenes if a site or application has been identified as malicious but also when Microsoft does not know anything about a particular program you try to run.

It is necessary to click on the more info link underneath the description to bypass the SmartScreen message. And you need to select "run anyway"then to run LastingPaper on your computer.