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eBook Generator & Highlights Explorer & Reading Calendar


Some webpages deserve to be lasting kept in eBook format

LastingPaper could help you to create eBooks from a webpage, unlike other cloud-based web to eBook conversion services, LastingPaper does the work totally on your own computer, so your privacy will be better protected and make you able to edit the book content that will automatically copy to your E-Ink Kindle.

lastingPaper editor

LastingPaper enables you to review your Kindle highlights in a new way.

Your highlights & notes from E-Ink Kindle will be automatically synchronize to LastingPaper.

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Highlight Insight

LastingPaper show your highlight in the “insight view”. You can edit highlight content, add a note for the highlight or manage tags for it, In future we will bring more functions to the insight view, hope to make your highlights more significant a little bit.


Your Reading Calendar

The calendar is your reading history generated by highlights and notes data that you marked when reading. Clicking calendar cell will give you access to these highlights you marked in that day.


It's an eBook Reader too!

Although we believe E-Ink Kindle is the better immersive reading device, LastingPaper built-in reader could be a beneficial supplement, You can mark highlights or notes using it too.

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